Multitudes of villagers graced Mhinga special school; to spend 67 minutes painting the dilapidated Mhinga special school. The school was painted into bright colors which symbolize the colors of the sponsors of the event. Lim 345 Mayor TJ Bila led the leadership of the municipality to culminate the first Mandela day commemoration under the new municipality. It was also revealed that the name Collins Chavani has been Gazetted and we be official unveil on the 02 of September 2017. The Principal Mbhoko J of the school spoke about the challenges of the school and how children are struggling to be inducted into the school. Many of the children in the area are find it hard due reach the school due to transportation and lack f funds as many depends on grants.
Mandela day was declare by United Nations in 2009 and as part of the celebration of Nelson Mandela birthday, organizations, government and private institutions contributing in kind towards making a difference in other people lives.
Royal house of Mhinga through Hosinkulu Xilungwa Mhinga spoke about the history of the school and stressed that it was the visionary leadership of the late Hosi Adolf Mhinga that resulted into the enacting of the school by the community to cater for the needs of the disabled.
Hosinkulu Xilungwa Mhinga also said that the school will be relocated to a new site which he has donated and there is a tender of R40 million eared marked for the new project.
“We agree that we are in Lim 345 and we shall use Xitsonga as means of communication to accommodate the elderly, and we would love to thank Mhinga royal house for welcoming us in the house as we commemorate Mandela Day.” Said Mayor Bila.
“We are happy that as government that we are playing a role towards the disabled and contribute towards making a difference in their live.” Continued Bila.
We are pleased that we have majority of people here who are youth, and we speak about youth because youth in the area are the mostly affected and what can we do to make a change. We understand that we have majority of child headed families and that to us is of serious concern.”
We surely shall make opportunities available to deal with poverty and inequalities. As we celebrate Mandela day lets all be positive and work together and make a unique difference in other people’s lives. We must be exemplary and spearhead reconciliation as cornerstone of our lives.
We also note the abuse, the killings of people and also the killing of children. We as LIM345 as we commemorate lets return back to humanity and all those who commit crime must be found and be held responsible for such.
We wish that more must be done by the police to address the scourge of Crime in the area and we wish Justice can be done to the victims.

By Ntsako Shivambu

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